About Us

What makes us stand out

Pursuit of Excellence

We’re a small team that is exclusively dedicated to excellence in workers’ compensation. We have a 30+ year proven track record of success in claims management, appeals representation, experience rating analysis and management, and employer advocacy and education.

Team Approach

Our multidisciplinary team combines legal, medical, human resources and health and safety credentials, making us uniquely qualified to analyze and manage workplace injuries, and provide advice and representation to employers. Our in-house resources enable us to collaborate for the best outcomes for our clients, in the most effective way possible.

We also have a well-established roster of external service providers for additional necessary services, such as: expert medical opinions and independent medical examinations, surveillance, on-site ergonomic assessments, Functional Abilities Evaluations (FAEs) and job-matching.

Tailored Services

As a small business, we customize our services and deliverables to meet the unique needs (and budgets) of each of our clients. We are proud to offer end to end service in the area of workers’ compensation. Our broad and flexible offerings allow us to assist clients in a variety of ways, and at any stage of a workplace injury claim, from initial claim filing and administration through to appeals representation at the final level of appeal.

No task is too small for us. Our services are offered on an as-needed, as-requested basis, with no ongoing commitment.

Client Dedication

Our success means success for our clients, which is our top priority.

We are dedicated to cultivating meaningful and longstanding relationships with our clients, various employer groups and system partners.

We have invested many years into becoming experts in this field to better serve our clients. And we don’t gatekeep that knowledge. We are equally invested in educating our clients and providing them with the resources and tools to elevate their own knowledge and skills.

Competitive Prices

We understand that legal representation can be expensive. We have thoughtfully established our hourly rates to ensure they are competitive and reflective of our competencies and level of skill. Our team of professionals, offering various skill levels, ensures value to our clients at the best price possible.

Let our specialists show you value for your investment.